Recognize and skyrocket innovative startups.

Our ambition is to make the world better by investing into entrepreneurship ecosystem, identifying tech companies with new, disruptive ideas and business models and providing the resources and guidance necessary for those early stage startups to succeed.

We enrich investors’ opportunities by connecting them to early stage companies to maximize their impact to the development of the world’s social environment and to profit from scaling next generation technologies.
  • Leadership and energy. Translated by the yellow colour, these are crucial values for success in the competitive market. The color represents positivity, life-giving qualities, and a spirit of perseverance and excellence that can inspire iconic entrepreneurs to create winning companies.

  • Innovation. As an early stage venture fund, innovation is central to our ethos. We prioritize investing in founders that are pushing the boundaries and creating new solutions

  • Partnership and openness. As an early stage venture fund we see ourselves as partners both for our investors and our portfolio startups, valuing openness, collaboration and support.

  • Efficiency and growth. We place a premium on growth, both for our portfolio companies and our own operations. We value companies with high growth potential and seek to provide them with the resources and support they need to achieve that growth and to to take bold, unconventional approaches.

  • Social impact. We prioritize investing in companies and projects that have a positive social impact. We value making a difference in the world as much as making a profit.

  • Global Harmony. We firmly believe that wars and conflicts are incompatible with innovation and the development of the venture market. Our fund actively encourages investment in startups that create technologies for peace and cooperation. We aim to cultivate an innovative community capable of changing the world by supporting projects focusing on a sustainable future.
Why Yellow?
Yellow Rocks! team has been in the venture capital market since 2013. And throughout this time, we’ve kept yellow as our branding color. But why? What makes this bright hue so special to us?

Yellow is Positive and Optimistic
Yellow is the most positive of all colors of the spectrum. It stands for energy, enthusiasm, and optimism—traits that are crucial for success in the venture capital market, and are often associated with iconic entrepreneurs who have changed the world with their billion-dollar companies.

Yellow is Energetic and Life-Giving
Yellow also has a deeper meaning for us here at Yellow Rocks!. It’s the color of the sun—the star that gives life to everything on our planet. This reminds us of how important it is to be passionate about our work and to breathe life into each of our companies.

Yellow is a Symbol of a Winner
Finally, yellow is a symbol of victory and leadership in many fields, including sports. The leader’s jersey in cycling races—le Tour de France—is always yellow! It doesn’t matter if they win or lose any particular race; they are still considered a winner because they have earned this title overall. We want to emulate this spirit of perseverance and excellence at our company too!

At its core, yellow represents something bigger than just its physical appearance; it embodies all that we strive to achieve here at our company: openness, honesty, self-development and progress around us, team work, proactivity, efficiency—and ultimately success! That's why we're proud to say:
— Yellow Rocks!
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